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BOTT is the result of an extraordinary meeting between Danielle, an american fashion designer and Camille, a french businesswoman, a team with dual nationality and double expertise - the framerican touch, one of a kind! That's all it took to create BOTT and make lingerie that wakes up your cheeks (and you know which ones ;) ) - to put you in a good mood from the moment you get up in the morning!

The idea of BOTT came to fruition in march 2020, in a more than unusual context, with a desire to refocus on the essential: a need for more responsible consumption, the aspiration to support local french companies, and the desire for escape into a lighthearted and optimistic universe! And above all, BOTT was born to fulfill a desire for Danielle and Camille to act on their own passion.  Motivated by their mantra "feel the fear and do it anyway!", BOTT ws born. All their efforts go toward making you feel great in your BOTT!



Bott lingerie team about us

BOTT IS A MILF - Made In La France

Bott lingerie française, atelier de confection à Poitiers


That means that our products are designed AND made in France.

It means a unique know-how, where each piece is made from start to finish by the same seamstress.

It means a desire to support our French companies. It means good working conditions for all employees throughout the supply chain.

It means production is as local as possible to limit CO2 emissions.

In short, it means good quality!  



Bott lingerie éthique, éco-responsable, fibres recyclées


Virtuous, eco-responsible and recycled materials. 

Why produce new materials when you can transform the existing ones?

An italian lace with a unique pattern: recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. Raw material: italian fabric scraps transformed into threads and then rewoven.

A french jersey: recycled Newlife® polyester and Ecosmart® elastane. Raw material: post-consumer plastic bottles from Italy. These bottles are reduced into beads in France and then spun into threads to make the jersey fabric.

In addition to being top of the line, our materials are extra comfortable!


Bott lingerie brassiere sexy et ecoresponsable bleue


À BOTTôt !


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